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  • one person asking the other out
  • both of them getting dressed up
  • both of them being speechless when they see each other in the new clothes
  • henry helping killian out
  • going to dinner and/or a movie
  • killian bringing flowers
  • both of them being happy
  • smiles 
  • eye sex
  • hand holding
  • kisses
  • possible after date activities 


He said I’m a villain, and that villains don’t get happy endings. You believe that? I hope not. Or we’ve wasted our lives.




Same intention, worlds apart.

Anyone else SUPER STOKED to see how they handle this?



you just might make me believe (2/?)


Summary: “‘I don’t even know what love is other than my parents, and maybe… maybe that’s not what I want,“‘she whispers, the words feeling like a betrayal. She shouldn’t say such things, especially to a man who, less than a month ago, was a face without a name, simply a sailor that she was fascinated by and liked to watch when he docked at the shore near her home.” Lieutenant Duckling. 
Word Count: 3,490
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Chapter 1: [FF] [Tumblr]
AN: Sorry this took so long! I had wisdom teeth surgery and I’m just now getting back on my feet, in a way, and I didn’t write much while I was recovering.


"We will not be here long, Emma. We simply need to meet this merchant and then we will return home. Small steps, remember? You did agree to this.”

Emma sighs heavily, tilting her head at her mother, who only smiles pleasantly. Of course she does.

There is, Emma decides, such an occurrence as being too pleasant.

The familiar smell of the sea does little to soothe her nerves, and she hopes that being forced to accompany her parents like this will not make the place less comforting in the future. She would hate if they ruined her favorite getaway place. Almost automatically, her eyes scan the shore as they approach, and her heart nearly jumps through her throat when she sees his ship, sitting magnificently in the harbor. She feels the all too well known pull toward it, her blood rushing through her veins at a rate that certainly is not safe.

Thankfully, her parents don’t notice her lapse in step as she fumbles for a moment, and she recovers quickly.

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on a scale of 1 to ‘he traded his fucking ship for her’ how otp-y is your otp

on a scale of 1 to ‘she sacrificed her magic to save his life’ how otp-y is your otp



Oooooh it gets better!!


The Walking Dead Meme || (4/5) Relationships

∟ Michonne + Carl

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Once Upon a Time Appreciation WeekDay Five : Favourite Episode
                ↳ Snow Drifts // There’s No Place Like Home

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Irish heartthrob Colin O’Donoghue had all the attention of many female fans at the San Diego Comic-Con when he answered a question of what advice would he provide his character, ‘Hook’ to keep Emma Swan. When he answered that he would advise his character to “treat her well, buy her flowers, clean the dishes and give her lots of little hugs” it is very likely that his favourite status with his female fans likely became even more secure and enhanced with this answer.

The actor was one of the more popular men at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con convention and this is no surprise considering his smouldering good looks and the different dimensions that he finds within his character and conveys to the viewers.

During an interview at the convention he revealed that the relationship between his character and Emma, played by Jennifer Morrison is complicated and this will be seen as the two of them try to determine what they are feeling for one another.

On the show his character has made some very difficult decisions for ‘love’ and fans will find out in season 4 how that works out for ‘Hook’. As an actor, his performance has some fans and entertainment observers anticipating that soon he might be casting his glance toward movies.

His presence on “Once Upon a Time” has made it one of the more popular shows on television as filmmakers have noticed how popular he is with female viewers and his ability to identify aspects of his character that connect with fans.

He is already a star because of his acting talent and gorgeous looks but don’t be surprised if the season 4 performances of Colin O’Donoghue on “Once Upon a Time” leads to his name being mentioned in consideration for feature roles in some big budget films in 2014 and onward.

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A/N: Obligatory “date night” drabble :3



“Don’t take this the wrong way, okay?” Emma sends him a nervous little side glance, fingers twisting together as their shoulders graze while he walks her to her door.

“What’s that, love?” He chuckles lightly.

She pauses in front of it, turning and bracing against the wood while she looks at him. The corners of her mouth tug up, helpless to the softness in his eyes that so clearly mirrors the softness on his face.

“I had a really good time tonight.” 

His grin lights up the dim hallway and there’s a sweet little tug on her heart. 

“Were you expecting not to?” he wonders. He inches just a little closer until the toes of their shoes — his boots, her stilettos — are touching.

“I don’t…” She sighs as she ponders the words to use, finds her body swaying involuntarily towards him. “I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest.”

Killian’s smile widens and he absentmindedly reaches up to hook her chin with his index finger, thumb brushing over the little dent there for a moment. “You laughed a lot,” he comments. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you laugh so much.”

She can feel the joy in his voice, knowing that he’d caused that, and it makes her stomach flip. She shrugs nonchalantly though, brushes it off like it’s not a big deal, but her own smile matches his (so much so that her cheeks actually ache from it). “I suppose you have your moments of being exceedingly funny.”

He slides in, leans in close until she can see the dark rim of blue just around his lighter blue irises, until his scent — spice and leather and Killian — imprints itself into her memory and makes her sigh again. 

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AN: Let the slew of first date fics begin.


She’s staring at an empty table, head in her hands as she tries to figure out how she’s supposed to do everything practically on her own. Emma Swan never admitted to being beyond the average human being, but she can’t quite escape being treated like she is. 

Savior and all. 

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What was it like shooting that finale kiss - which seemed to last about 12 minutes? [x]

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AN: Let the slew of first date fics begin.


She’s staring at an empty table, head in her hands as she tries to figure out how she’s supposed to do everything practically on her own. Emma Swan never admitted to being beyond the average human being, but she can’t quite escape being treated like she is. 

Savior and all. 

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